Digital Eye Strain

Computer Vision Eyeglasses with Blue Light Filter

Dr. Lascaibar can diagnose during a routine eye exam if adults or children suffer from digital eye strain.


Computers, tablets, e-readers, smartphones and other electronic devices with visual displays all can cause tired eyes, digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome.

Impact on Adults and Symptoms

Recent research by the Vision Council has found that 80 percent of American adults use digital devices more than 2 hours per day with nearly 67 percent using two or more devices simultaneously, and 59 percent reporting symptoms of digital eye strain. Among those symptoms are: eye strain, dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, neck and shoulder pain.

Impact on Children and Symptoms

The same research by the Vision Council states that children spend about a quarter of their day on a digital device and watching TV.  Anecdotally, Dr. Lascaibar believes that those numbers are underestimated. However, the report further states that only after being exposed to a minimum of 2 hours of screen time, children will experience and exhibit some of the following symptoms: headaches, neck/shoulder pain, eye strain, dry or irritated eyes, reduced attention span, poor behavior and irritability.

recommendations to alleviate digital eye strain

Eyewear solutions, taking frequent breaks from using digital devices, reducing overhead lighting, and proper positioning of digital devices are among the issues that a person experiencing digital eye strain needs to take into consideration. 

Eyewear considerations

Firstly, Dr. Lascaibar will determine the proper prescription to correct the patient's vision. Then the proper magnification with anti-reflective and blue light-filtering capabilities, as well as select contact lenses, can be chosen to help reduce the symptoms of digital eye strain. Come in and find out more!